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Procerin Research Study Summary

Detuag Testing, Inc conducted an IRB Approved Research Study for Speedwinds Nutrition, Inc designed to document a user's rate of result and to solicit user feedback on the use of an ingested and a topically applied nutritional therapy for hair growth. Speedwinds Nutrition inc. is selling the product as a single product branded Procerin. The results of this study will help Speedwinds Nutrition, Inc document user reaction to product effectiveness and provides user feedback information including user's level of satisfaction. For specific objectives related to this study, please refer to the section titled "Objectives".

Detuag Testing, Inc. expected to enroll up to 50 subjects in the study. A minimum of 30 subjects were expected to complete 60 days of the trial and a minimum of 20 were expected to complete the 90 day trial. The study recruitment goals were met per the complete 90 day study.

The study coordinator initially enrolled 32 participants in the study with a total of 21. Participants completing the full 90 days.

The study was monitored by a licensed dermatologist. Participants completed a registration questionnaire as well as an informed consent prior to enrolling in the trial. Participants were expected to complete a diary, questionnaires, have their photos taken and participate in focus groups and interviews. Participants were compensated for their participation in the trial.

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Procerin Research
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